Part 7 | Occupiers, Farmers and Brigades

Author & Director:
Juergen Ast

Commissioning Editor:
Johannes Unger



"The Brandenburgers? Who are they at all?" Kurt Boewe, the narrator, is asking impishly, very well knowing that he hits the mark with this question. Actually the Brandenburgers only exist again since 1990. For 40 years, Brandenburg had disappeared from the maps. Now it has surfaced again, regained as a newly-formed German Federal Land out of a dramatic history, whose traces can be found at every turn. "The Brandenburgers - they were always locals and incomers, old-established people and newcomers, down to earth minded and adventurers, rich noblemen and poor people. Brandenburg, a difficult place to live", the popular actor says meditatively and invites the audience to an expedition into the past.

Kurt Boewe: "In the early morning we move to the mountains. We went out to catch the sunshine, join us and try it for yourself - I can't get this song out of my mind by remembering the time I witnessed. We wanted to create a new world. As a member of the workers and farmers cadres, I myself was studying at the university, me, the 'Kodi from Reetz'. It was a progress, not only for myself, but for the Prignitz. Oh, how naive we were. The top of the hills of Krumbeck, it seemed that they were harder to reach than the heights of socialism. The Utopia, a children's game - We went out to catch the sunshine ..." The last part of "The Brandenburgers", Part 7, "Occupiers, Farmers and Brigades", it recalls the years from 1945 to 1990.