A Life for Gymnastics

Author & Director:
Bernd Weissig

Commissioning Editor:
Hellmuth Henneberg


astfilm productions | for ORB

Dancing and exercising, that are his passions. In his Garden he is occupied from the early morning, till dawn. And still he loves it most to dance with his wife, to tango with her. They know each other for more than fifty years. An old, young at heart couple.

Hans Fischer was born in 1920. He was seven years old, when his father took him along to do gymnastics. Since then his life is intrinsically tied to it. Till today, he is exercising three times a week in his gymnasium in the town of Lauchhammer. When the eighty years old man performs, the young gymnasts are sitting beside being astonished by the movements, the jumps, the elegance, the control over the body. About doing this Hans Fischer feels most comfortable. To talk shop with the "greenhorns", limbering-up exercises. And sometimes, when he is in a very good mood, Hans evens talks about his adventuresome life as a gymnast.

The documentary does not only tells of a part of sports history, it practically is a personal fitness-training guide. Whoever is on the way with Hans Fischer, he needs a lot of fitness. Exercising and dancing, an elixir. And if he and his wife really should get a little out of breath after the fifth Tango, they simply recover by dancing a Waltz, because this dance they like just nearly as much.